Onsen Hot Pools – Queenstown / New Zealand

“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.” -Mandy Hale

Experience relaxation the natural way with cedar hot tubs which open up to gorgeous mountains peaks with Shotover river canyon & speedy enormous jet boats to look at! The good part is the cedar hot tubs are temperature controlled which means they are hot and steamy on snowy days, warm on rainy days, cool on sunny days & blissful in evenings – candlelit Japanese lanterns ✨

How to reach there: Onsen Hot pool is located in Arthur’s point a small township near Queenstown hill beside the Shotover River, around 10 km from central Queenstown. There are two ways to get to Onsen, one is through Self drive and they also provide a free shuttle service while you book for the experience.

Once you enter the property, the staff of Onsen greets you with a wide smile & makes sure you’re comfortable. The reception area is huge with sofa’s lined up with magazines at the side, candles to make you feel warm, free wifi & they hand you a poster with do’s and don’t for the hot pool, soon the staff would take you down where the pools are and hand you over the room with essential needs.

Onsen has indoor hot pools & newly opened outdoor experience which uses mineral salts to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind. We booked ourselves the original onsen experience for 60 mins which came in with a snack and a drink to sip over the worries in the world with an option of a desert – ice-cream or Whittaker’s we choose the later ?

Relaxation the natural way ?

A unique feature of this experience is the retractable roof which allows you to convert your room from indoor to outdoor and back again at the touch of a button with an indoor shower. How cool is that ??‍♀️

There are four types of experiences to indulge yourself!

The Original Onsen comes with 60 minutes of rejuvenating soak & complimentary drinks, snacks or dessert of your choice. The pool is self filtered before you soak in and is heated to approx. 38.5 degrees. Those 60 minutes pass by so quickly and the view adds up to the experience! You’d not want to miss this beautiful moment ?

Pricing for 2 adults in the Daytime Pool is $126 & Evening Pool is $107, For children in the daytime pool is $32 (NZD)

The Outdoor Onsen is a newly opened experience that is infused with mineral salts to help relax your body & mind. It’s surrounded by lush green planting overlooking the Shotover River. Outdoor Onsen is ideal for families with kids since it comes with a bigger pool and much bigger outer space.

Pricing is same as the original onsen.

The Ultimate Relaxation Experience comes with 45 minutes of soak in the original hot pool, once you are acclimatised & relaxed then you can choose to go for face or body treatments in the spa room with 1 hour of ultimate rejuvenation which is limited to 1-2 people Can it get any better than this?

Pricing for 45 mins of soak & 1 hour of treatment for twin sharing basis is $220. Pricing for 60 mins of soak & 2 hour of treatment is $355 (NZD)

Serenity Soak & Spa is for couples or individuals who enjoy a good luxurious soak with personalisation. The oval hot tubs are infused with bath scents & salts to make it a memorable experience followed by face or body treatments in the spa room with 1-2 hours of treatment of your choice. 2 hours of treatment is ideal for skiers & hikers who wants to instantly calm down after a long day of skiing!

Pricing for 45 mins of soak & 1 hour of treatment for twin sharing basis is $240. Pricing for 60 mins of soak & 2 hours of treatment is $375 (NZD)

P.S. Onsen hot pools are almost sold out all the time, it’s recommended to book your slots 1-2 months in advance to avoid disappointment! I highly recommend this experience more than anything. If I were to visit Queenstown again, I would book this experience twice to soak it all in. You have my heart Onsen ?

Insta 360 at it’s best

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